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Why Wash Day?

Because wash day can be a high cardio, frustrating time-suck and it doesn't have to be. Sometimes your hair just needs to be loved on before/after color and chemical services or between heat styling, hair cuts and extension installs.

Why is there only one date available?

This is a pop up exploration in self [hair] care. Future dates may or may not be added.

What's the difference between Wash Day and the viral head spas? 

Wash Day isn't a head rub that ends in a tangled mess. The priority is your hair's health and appearance. 

Do you provide hair cuts or styling services?

No. Wash Day is meant to give your arms and back a break, provide your hair with the deep cleansing, fortification and hydration that is needed regularly for hair health but isn't always executed. If you have a few split ends that need addressing, i got you. If you need a legit reshaping, this isn't that. 

Styling services are not offered at Wash Day but you're not allowed to leave looking like a wet poodle, either.

Wavy to Curly girls- you'll be curl defined and diffused. Straight girls- you'll be dried and smoothed.


Where is Wash Day located?

Wash Day will be at 85 North 3rd St in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a private salon suite.

Why is payment required at booking?

Wash Day is meant to be a seamless, relaxing experience through and through, uninterrupted by payment transactions. 

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel at least 24 hrs before your appointment, you will receive a full refund.

If I release any additional times/dates in the future, would you want to be notified? If so, drop your email.

Thanks for subscribing!

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